Our Favourite Vegan Snacks

There is no shortage of options for healthy and delicious vegan meals, and snacks are no exception. Are you wondering what you can turn to when hunger hits you between meals? We’ve put together a list of vegan snack ideas that will fuel your imagination and most likely your appetite as well. Whether you’re fighting off afternoon hunger pangs or trying to fulfill your child’s one-hundredth snack request of the day, we’ve got you covered!

Roasted chickpeas.

Roasted chickpeas make for a healthy, addictive snack, and they’re full of protein and fibre. They can also act as a crouton to add crunch and flavour to things like soups and salads. From sweet (like cinnamon and sugar) to savoury (like lime and chilli pepper), the flavour combinations for these little treats are endless—take a look online and see which ones intrigue you the most. They keep for a little while, but you probably won’t ever have leftovers.


There’s a reason why popcorn has been a favourite snack food for so long. Nothing quite compares! It’s also packed with fibre, so you can feel extra good about eating it. You can drizzle melted dairy-free butter or coconut oil, and then sprinkle some salt on top if you prefer the classic style, but there is so much opportunity to experiment with popcorn. Trust us—you won’t be disappointed if you do. Nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy flavour. Try adding tamari with different dried herbs and spice combos, like oregano and black pepper. How about some chilli oil for a kick? Once it’s cooled, you can store it in an airtight container and enjoy it over the next couple of days, so be sure to make extra!

Trail mix.

Trail mix is another snacking classic, and it’s super easy to make a vegan version. If adding chocolate, make sure it’s dairy-free. You can make it sweet or salty, or even better: sweet and salty. Experiment with different kinds of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, dried coconut, and dark chocolate. Add some popcorn or some of your favourite dried cereal or granola. Divide a batch into airtight containers, and keep some in your bag, your car, your desk, or wherever—whenever hunger strikes, you’ll be ready with something nutritious and satisfying.

Energy bites.

Raw vegan cookie dough balls, protein balls, energy bites—whatever you call them, the idea is basically the same: lots of hunger-stopping energy rolled into a ball and packed with nutrients as well as flavour. Doing a quick search online will yield hundreds of different versions, most of which are very simple and fast to make with a food processor. It’s great to have a batch of these in the fridge so you can grab one for a quick fix.

Fruit with nut butter or dip.

This can be as simple as an apple or a banana with some nut butter on it, but you can also get very creative with plant-based dips for fruit. You can use different bases, like coconut cream, cashew cream, or dairy-free yogurt. You can also go for different flavour profiles: chocolate hazelnut, sweet cinnamon vanilla, tangy lemon—whatever you feel like!


When it comes to packing lots of nutrition and flavour into a snack, a smoothie is hard to beat. Versatile and simple, you can whip up a new flavour every morning and never get bored. Experiment with different combinations and different ingredients—have you ever used frozen cauliflower in a smoothie? How about zucchini or squash? There are lots of vegetables that up the nutrition factor but don’t overwhelm the overall sweet flavour. You can follow tried-and-true recipes, or throw things together on a whim. They’re easy to transport, too—just pour it into a thermos and take it along.

Quick salad.

We usually think about salads as meals or parts of meals, but they can make great snacks, especially if you have lots of leftovers kicking around the fridge to throw in, like roasted vegetables or baked tofu. Add a handful of greens to a bowl, toss in some chopped veggies, sprinkle some nuts or seeds, and add some vegan cheese. Do you have some artichokes, olives, or capers in the fridge? Any fresh herbs? A drizzle of olive and a squeeze of lemon is all it takes, and you can enjoy a quick, healthy, and delicious snack.

Fruit salad.

The only thing that beats having some fresh fruit is having lots of different kinds of fresh fruit at once. Add some lemon zest and a squeeze of juice, or how about some fresh mint or basil? A splash of vanilla and maple syrup? Maybe some coconut milk for creaminess? The more colourful, the better—you’ll up the nutrients and have a feast for your eyes.

Apple nachos.

This is a little bit finicky if you don’t have an apple corer, but you’ll get the hang of it, and it’s so worth it! Remove the core of your apple while leaving the apple intact, then cut it into thin slices around the equator. Spread the slices onto a plate or platter, and then have some fun adding toppings. Nut butter is a must—drizzle away. If you have any sort of vegan chocolate or caramel sauce on hand, they make an indulgent addition. Sprinkle with coconut, or cacao nibs, or sunflower seeds—whatever you’d like. Enjoy.


Olives make a great snack. They’re packed with healthy fat, and so much flavour. Try having two or three different kinds on-hand. You can also look up different ways of marinating olives on your own—the flavour is dynamite.

Tortilla rolls.

If you have fresh tortillas on hand, you spread and sprinkle different toppings on before rolling them up for a quick and delicious snack. Hummus and shredded veggies? Guacamole and black beans? Good old peanut butter and jam? The possibilities are endless, and you’ll feel satisfied after.

Veggies and dip.

Having veggies pre-chopped in your fridge is the easiest way to eat more vegetables. When you get hit with the quick need for a snack, veggies with different kinds of dip are a win in every department. Try experimenting with varying store-bought dips, like Mother Raw’s organic French onion dip. or create your own at home. Having a food processor makes this process so simple, and you can really pack the flavour in when you experiment at home. Look online for different recipes—hummus has made chickpeas the standard, but you can use other kinds of beans or lentils. You can also use different nut or seed butter, not just tahini. Have fun!


If you have perfect avocados at home, slicing one in half and eating it with a spoon can make a pretty perfect snack. Use simple salt and pepper to enhance the flavour, and maybe a squeeze of lemon or lime? You can try tamari or hot sauce. How about balsamic vinegar? Or different spices? It’s easy to find ways to enjoy the perfection that is the avocado.

Dressed-up dairy-free yogurt.

Sometimes a little dish of dairy-free yogurt is just the thing you need for a quick snack. You can add fresh fruit or sprinkles of granola, oats, seeds, or coconut. Layer the ingredients in a glass to feel extra fancy and indulgent; it’ll be ready in a minute.

Homemade vegan pudding.

There are so many different ways to make raw, vegan puddings, most of which are impressive and delicious. Look online for other recipes. There are so many different bases, which can then be made with different flavours. You’ll be surprised how much nutrition you can pack in, yet it will feel like a sweet treat.


Leftovers aren’t just for meals—they make great snacks, too! A cup of soup with a piece of toast might be just what you need as an afternoon pick-me-up. A small portion of any last-night’s-dinner can be a snack, and it can be a great way to get extra veggies into your day as well as prevent food waste.

Healthy vegan snacks to buy.

If you’re looking to stock up on some pre-made vegan snack items from the grocery store or online, you won’t be disappointed there, either. There’s a myriad of options, with new products coming out all the time. As the world catches on to the benefits of eating vegan, food companies are stepping up to the demand. As with all packaged foods, check the labels. There’s nothing wrong with indulgences, but make sure you’re making conscious decisions about what you eat. You can find healthy options to help you feel satisfied whenever hunger hits—from roasted seaweed and lentil chips to dried sour cherries and protein bars, it’s really up to you.

Finding healthy and exciting vegan snack ideas for kids and adults alike can be fun. The best part is, the sky’s the limit! We hope we’ve let you with your imagination sparked, ready to add some of these ideas to your go-to snack list.

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